Hi! I’m Camille Guzman, and I created Mama’s Groove because creating it meant the first step in finding my groove in motherhood.

Mama’s Groove is a community for parents who feel they — like their children — have a need to be whole people.

It’s about doing things that give you an identity beyond “mother” or “father” while acknowledging how monumental those designations are.

It’s about finding — or making — time for ourselves so that we can be happier people.

And we believe that happier people in turn make better parents.

Finding our grooves means ensuring our kids are nourished in every way and that there’s something left for — or of — us. It is possible.

It may take different forms at different times in our parental lives. Sometimes, our groove will fade to a soft hum as children’s imminent needs take center stage, stage left and stage right.

And sometimes, we’ll feel our grooves and our parental lives are happily intersecting. These are groovy times indeed.

I’d love to hear about what you do for yourself and how it enriches your whole life — as a parent, spouse, employee and/or an individual. I invite you to visit the Mama’s Groove Facebook page and send me a message.

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